When while: упражнения
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When while: упражнения

Как показывает практика, употребления правильного союза зачастую вызывает у людей, изучающих английский язык, определённые сложности. Для тренировки данного грамматического явления ниже представлено упражнение на заполнение пропусков, требующее выбора правильного союза.
(Упражнение основано на несложной лексике).

Ex.1 Fill in the gaps!

  1. _____ my friend came, I was still cooking. (while/ when)
  2. The robber was walking around the house ______ the Johnsons were playing cards. (while/ when)
  3. The cat was catching the parrot _____ John was in the kitchen. (while/ when)
  4. _____ Misha came into the cage the tiger was sitting still and looking at him. (while/ when)
  5. John was making his Halloween costume _____ his brother was cutting a pumpkin. (while/ when)
  6. _____ the parents were watching TV Kate was writing a letter to Santa. (while/ when)
  7. _____ my father heard my voice he was drawing a greetings card for his brother. (while/ when)
  8. The crocodile was swimming under the water _____ the zebra was drinking. (while/ when)
  9. ____ I came home, my sister was listening to her favourite CD. (while/ when)
  10. ____ I was washing the dishes my father was reading a book. (while/ when)
  11. ____ Steve was making a Valentine his brother was talking to George. (while/ when)
  12. ____ she returned Tom and I were playing baseball in the yard. (while/ when)
  13. ____ we got to the club, Billy was already dancing there. (while/ when)


  1. when
  2. while
  3. when
  4. when
  5. while
  6. while
  7. when
  8. while
  9. when
  10. while
  11. while
  12. when
  13. when

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