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Lucullus Language School was founded under the leadership of native speakers from Great Britain, who had studied and worked at Britain’s best private schools and universities. This helped the company amass the best experience and gather reputable professionals with expertise in foreign language learning.

Our Russian experts have come a long way in teaching foreign languages, from teachers of English and German to heads of corporate training departments in language schools. Our specialists have extensive experience in the training and development departments of the largest international companies and in the field of HR management. This ensures that they, more than anyone else, understand the Client’s needs, goals and objectives, and are eager to share this knowledge and understanding with those they teach across all areas of the corporate training organization.


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I sat the IELTS exam last June. To be accepted onto my Masters course, I needed a 6.5. I started to prepare in March. At that point I was still very unfamiliar with the format of the exam itself, and my general level of English was definitely not up to scratch. From the very first lesson, the teacher established my strengths and weaknesses, and drew out a plan of work, which was altered as the course progressed. Over the course of my study, I got through a total of 50 examination questions and essays, taken mainly from practise papers, and we also worked on possible topics for the oral exam. I had classes twice a week for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I found Listening to be the most difficult, as during my five years of Further Education I had only really done translations of texts on foreign policy. And also, given that I was out of practise with Spoken English, I found it even harder to listen and understand. But by the end of my classes, I was even able to watch films without dubbing or subtitles. I got 7.5 in the IELTS.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Lucullus Language School for their work, in particular to my teacher Ekaterina Tsirfe. Without her help and support I could never have got this result.
Maxim P